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What is domain? What is subdomain?- Hosting meaning- and What is Web Server- prefer to know 4 special terminology.

Beginners of blogger must know What is domain? What is subdomain? Hosting meaning and What is Web Server? I will focus on a few specific terminology. Terminology- that must be known before creating a website or blog site. Some theories are also needed before doing practical work. Moreover, the next time you hear different types of words or terminology from different articles or YouTube videos, it will be very difficult to understand. 

There are many terms for creating a website or blog site. There is no need to know everything at this moment. However, there are some things that are very important to know in the beginning. 

What is domain?

1. Domain- First of all You know about the terminology- ‘Domain.’ Friends, suppose you want to open a grocery shop. First the name oWf the shop will be required. That is, the shop will be opened by the name. A trade license is required for that name. 

Suppose you gave the name of the shop Example. Or any name of your choice. In the case of a website, the name is called Domain. The name of your site is required first to create a website or blog site. Decide the name before you open your site. 

However, you may not be able to get your site available with the name you decided. You write down many names at once for your shop. None know which name to be fixed for your site. 

The two parts of a domain, the first is the site name and the second is the extension name. You need to add an extension to the site you want to create. Adding an extension will make your domain self-contained. 

What are extensions? 

The most common and widely used extension is .com. With .com Domain you can make your site available in any country around the world. Your site can be accessed in any country.

The popular ccTLD (country code top-level domain) domain for India is .in and .co.in etc. .in for normal sites and .co.in for companies. 

However, just taking .in, .co.in does not mean that your site will not be seen in any other country. Maybe the site will not be easily seen in other countries. 

There are different methods for this to show other country’s websites. You need to register your site in the website directory in that country. However, making the site available only for India needs to be targeted. In that case .in and .co.in domains with any extension will not be a problem to buy. 

Note that .co.in extension is applicable for companies. Other Doamin extensions are .org, .info, .site, .gov.in, .biz, .uk (for United Kingdom), .club, .xyz, etc. 

You all know www.google.comhttps://www.google.com/ is name of a site. You know about Google in general – it’s a search engine. But Google is rarely described as a search engine. Google is a company name. Currently there is no such thing as an online service that does not search on Google. 

However, we can say that the universal domain of Google is www.google.com. When we search Google site in India, its url is www.google.co.in or www.google.com

Similarly, the domain of Facebook is facebook.com. Some of the more popular sites are instagram.com, twitter.com, wikipedia.com, yahoo.com etc. Now you are reading this article from our site. The main domain of our site is www.askiou.com. This is explained in detail below. 

Hopefully I was able to give some general information about Domain. If you have any questions, please comment.

2. What is Subdomain- 

Subdomain is a name associated with the main domain. Subdomain is never self-sufficient. It must always be associated with the main domain. 

If you want to create a blog site or website for free, you can create that site with the help of Subdomain. 

Let us explain the matter of Subdomain with the help of examples. Suppose you want to create a blog site for free. You can use the Blogger platform to create for free. In this case if your blog site name is ‘abc’ then your subdomain will be abc.blogspot.com. In other words, blogspot.com main domain is a service of Google. Abc will be associated with and represent the entire site. 

On the other hand, if you want to create a site for free from wix, wordpress, tumblr, then your subdomain will be abc.wix.com, abc.wordpress.com, abc.tumblr.com respectively. 

This means that each site will be associated with a core domain. Large companies run some of their services with the help of subdomain. 

What is it like? 

Let me explain with the help of examples. E.g. play.google.com, developer.android.com, cloud.google.com, search.google.com, apps.apple.com. If you look at the examples, it is understood that there is a main domain behind each name. As we know, the words play, cloud, search, etc. are added to the main domain of google.com to create a subdomain. They have created a separate site. Each site has a different role. It has its own control panel. 

Similarly, the words ‘developer’ and ‘apps’ have been created as subdomains of separate sites to provide separate services with android.com and apple.com respectively. 

You bought  your own main domain and  created the site. But you want to open another site to offer unique services from the same hosting provider. But do not want to buy a new domain. In this case, you can also create a new site by creating a subdomain according to the type of service with your main domain. 

Let me explain with examples. Suppose your main domain is abc.com. There is also a running site called abc.com. Now you want to create a site to provide new service without buying a new domain. In this case, you can open a new service site by creating a subdomain called service.abc.com. It will not cost you any money. But your two sites will run on the main server. This may increase the pressure on the server, but there will be no need to buy a separate domain and hosting. 

However, you can buy a new domain according to your Niche. That is your personal independent matter. You can create many sites according to your Niche or service. However, I would say that as a beginner, do not open more than one or two sites. It will be difficult to handle or maintain.

3. Hosting meaning and What is Web Server –

Domain is purchased according to the name of your store or business. Or you created a site according to the free subdomain. Now we need a house. A place to keep things in that room. With electric and other services. 

Domain of the site was bought just like that. But how to run the site? How to show your site to the public? This requires a service called hosting. This means that you will be able to display information, such as information, text, images, videos, etc., on your site to the public or viewers through hosting. In other words, the hosting provider will be responsible for showing your information to the public. Not just display, the information (text, video, picture etc.) that you want to show to the public will be given space by the hosting provider to keep in its disk memory.

Disk memory is the machinery that is along with other hardware. The server is on 24 * 7. You need to choose or buy a hosting server to measure what kind of information or how much information you want to keep. You will get the service according to the service feature of the hosting server. 

The kind of service you will get according to your spending. No need to spend too much if your site is new. But with the increase in the number of viewers on your site, that is, if the traffic is high, the pressure on the site will increase. Site pages will take longer to load in the browser. This will distract people from your site. Then you will need to increase investment in hosting services and take cloud or VPS hosting. 

If you want to create a site with Subdomain for free then you don’t have to buy hosting service. The company from which you will create the site with subdomain will provide free hosting services. 

Again, if you create a site from Blogger, you can use your custom domain (such as abc.com). In this case some issues like http / https are created. [Learn about http / https by clicking here.

Learn the basic types of hosting: – 

Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting Server, Reseller Hosting. These will be discussed later. 

The server’s operating system is Windows and Linux. The cost of Windows Server is slightly higher than that of Linux Server. Beginners can start with Linux shared hosting. Increasing of traffic and your experience, think about cloud or VPS or dedicated server hosting next. 

No more today. Another day another topic. I hope this article is useful to you. Whatever is good or bad, please comment in the comment box.

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