How to Install WordPress

How to Install WordPress Easily in 2022 for Beginners

Today I will discuss how to install wordpress easily into your server. WordPress can be installed free without custom domain for blog writing sites, but always I recommend you to at least buy one custom domain for you. You know the reason, free subdomains have some limitations for ranking in Google. So for buying a custom domain is better to establish in the field of blog and website building. If possible or afford money for buying a TLD(top level domain), you can buy. But initially buy at least .xyz,, .club etc. low cost domain.

Buy domain from any website. Maybe,, bluehost or several medium or small companies. At present many personal websites also sell domains. Choose a perfect domain name for your purposes.

Before going to buy domain and hosting you must have ideas about the terms of Domain, hosting and server. Although you must have some ideas about the basic knowledge for creating website.

How to purchase a Domain-

Today I am going to inform you how to purchase a domain and hosting. At first choose and write down some names for your site previously. I am telling you to write down more than one names. Because the domain names may be unavailable sometimes.

Let’s go to website from where you can purchase women and understand the topic. I prefer godaddy for purchasing women. But you may go any websites, like hosting Raja, hostgator, bluehost and any other small domain selling companies. 

Go to You will see an interface like the below image. Put your company name in the domain search space. Click the search button. Now you can see automatically of the women with extensions. Choose extensions whatever you like or whatever goes to your company mode or your personal activities. And also see your affordable price, how much money you want to spend.

Click add to cart. The site carries You to the next page. Here the company shows there other add on services. If you wish to purchase including the domain you may buy. But primarily you do not have to purchase special services. Although Daman privacy security services is very essential, but you may ignore it also.

Watch the total price including GST and purchase with your preferable debit or credit card or what you wish to use for buying. There are many payment gateway options to purchase.

After payment when you click the buy button the site asks to register in the website with your name address and email. You may register in the site previously to purchase also. Registration is mandatory for buying any product or service.

Purchase with your debit or credit card or through net banking also. There are many mode of transactions available, whatever your choice. After completing payment then and there are two or three emails come into your email account. These emails are payment bill invoice and domain details etc. Important part of domain details are name server and domain IP address.

How to buy Hosting plan-

After purchasing a domain name the important work is to find suitable hosting plan. Hosting plans have various types. As for example shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting etc. and various companies provide that plans in different price value. You choose the company and choose an affordable plan. For learning the work of website building go with a cheap price plan from any company.

Various companies approach hosting for affordable and low cost hosting plan. I personally using hostinger costing plan. Although godaddy hosting, bluehost, hostgator and many more companies provide various hosting plans.

You can purchase a domain including hosting plan together from any company. There are also sometimes some companies provide a hosting plan including a free domain. Choose after consulting with the company’s customer care very carefully, then select and purchase the service.

Here I am showing you how to purchase hosting plan- after purchasing a hosting plan, more than one emails from your hosting provider company. There are several URL link nameserver, IP address available on those emails. There are two important topics always be remembered- those are Cpanel login URL and nameserver.

If you purchased a hosting plan and domain from from company nothing necessary to do anything. But you purchase domain from a company but purchase hosting from another company. it must necessary to change the nameserver of the domain.

Just login the website of hosting. Go to the client area. Go to the nameserver button. You will see two nameserveer. First copy the first nameserver, then login the site from where you purchase domain. Here also you will see you will see nameserver panel. Click manage or edit button. Remove the domain nameserver names one by one. And paste here the hosting nameservers names one by one and save those.

How to Install WordPress Easily-

Look into the Cpanel of hosting website. Scroll the cursor and search where is softaculous app installer or search only ‘WordPress’. Click wordpress app. A new window will open of Softaculous. Here you are ready to install wordpress into your server.

New page will ask you to put your domain name, site name, admin email address step by step.

  • Step 1- Put your domain name with https option as the below image. Let leave the directory place blank.
  • Step 2- Write your website name. Your may leave it now. But after installing and the time of customisation edit your site. You must put your site name in time of customisation.
  • Step 3- Put the Username of administrator and choose strong password for wordpress login, fro where you can enter into the Control panel of woprdpress and edit, customise your blog site or website.
  • Step 4- Put admin email ID.
  • Step 5- Just click install button. Wait, within some time WordPress is installed into your server.
  • Step 6- Llook at the page below. You will see two urls on the top of the page. One is your website homepage URL( and another one is for admin of wordpress login page(

Click those two URLs respectively. After clicking the first home page URL (https: roses You will see your site with default theme.

After clicking second URL ( of wordpress cpanel, you will see the wordpress dashboard. Here you can control each and every functions of your site. This is the back and section of your site.

Stay with us. Next Topic- Settings of wordpress Dashbooard. Thanks.

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