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Blog ideas – Blog platforms(more than 6) a Better Nice Way of Earnings:-

Do you have any Blog ideas? How many blog platforms are there in the entire blogging world? No problem. This is the right platform from where you can gather ideas to become a blogger and sure to establish yourself as a self-employee. For a long time blogging has become one of the full or part time earnings for unemployed youth. These earnings are even suitable for employed or retired persons. (Click here to know how you can increase your earnings more through Internet besides blogging)

If your goal is earnings from blogging, then patience is its main and first task. Never think that treasure will come home from the first day of writing a blog.

Friends first know what a blog is:-.

Blog is a written script or article. You may or may not write a diary. Those who do not write, start today. The word ‘Blog’ comes from ‘weblog.’

A blog diary is a high-quality article. Diaries are written on a very personal level. And the blog is a personal experience to reach everyone on the social level through the Internet.

Different features of blog and blog ideas:-

In other words, a blog is a diary or series that is published through a blog site.

A blog site does not have all the functions like a website but it is a personal site like a mini website.

Through the blog, a communication created between the author and the reader, through the comments, a relationship bonds are formed.

Many times, the blogger (who writes the blog is called a blogger) fulfills the reader’s expectations, either by motivation or request of the reader.

Many write long articles on Facebook or WhatsApp. Your quality may not be less than that. But really, your purpose is to be a professional. Then I say Facebook or WhatsApp does not meet that expectation. It doesn’t help you to be self-help.

However, you can use social media like Facebook or WhatsApp to advertise your blog site.

Many may think that earning money by writing down human values. No problem, you may think. But what do writers expect from publishers sometimes? Name, fame and of course hope for earnings.

Guys, we have to work. We have to earn. The world will stop rotating except for the economy.

 Blog Writing Category | Blog Niche:-

Blog can be written on any topic. e.g. Experience of your daily activities, story-poems, series novels, essays, technology articles, awareness-writing or lifestyle.

This means that there is no obligation or limitation of blog writing classification. This totally depended on the blogger. He will write based on his subject matter and expertise.

 Blog Language:-

The language of the blog also has no obligation. Knowing English is pretty good. If you do not know, you can use any regional language.

Here’s one thing – you know, the language is a communication bridge which connects the writer and the reader. So, writing blogs in a particular language that most people speak will increase the number of readers. That doesn’t mean that writing a blog in the regional language will make you fall behind. If writing is about good quality and special topics, your fan and follower will surely increase.

Good news for rural bloggers:-

Now is the right time to start the blog for rural areas. The blogging profession started a long time ago in the city. Since the Internet service has been launched in the urban areas before. This is the turn of the villagers. Villagers with unique experiences also appear right now.

Blog Platforms:-

 By what medium do you write a blog? That is, you write your comments, pictures or any information via Facebook or WhatsApp. The medium here is Facebook, WhatsApp. You do not have to spend money to write on Facebook or WhatsApp. The cost is for the Internet only.

 When it comes to blogging or a mini website then the blog platforms can be both free or paid. Friends, understand that creating a blog site with no cost and paid, there are some differences. That is, there will be some obligation at no cost.

Free Blog Platforms: –

1. Blogger –

Blogger is one of the best blog platforms to start blogging at no cost. This is one of the Google services. With a Google Account you can create your blog site with the help of Blogger. Google will not ask for any money from you for this. You can also find a way to earn from Here you can get blog idea.

Follow my site. I’ll tell you all about how to create your blog site on Blogger.

2. WordPress:-

WordPress is the best blog platform according to me as a non-technical person. Here you also get a blog idea whatever you want to learn. You can create your blog site for free through And here too you can write your blog. You can create your portfolio. Create a mini website of your painted pictures or photography etc.

Start earnings from here. Everything will depend on your patience and ability. How to create a blog site from WordPress? I will teach you all. Stay with us.

3. Wix- gives you the opportunity to create your blog site at free of charge. This is also a good blog platforms. However is particularly effective for photography sites. Its templates and drag-and-drop facilities are particularly effective in creating photography sites. That doesn’t mean you can’t post text through it.

From here you will be able get blog idea and also make money.

4. Drupal:- is another CMS blog platform for creating blog sites. Here you can avail blog idea and create your own blog site. However, there are differences between working on Blogger, WordPress and Drupal Control Panel. Drupal is a slightly different CMS performance.

5. Joomla- site is available for free Joomla website or blog creation performance. From here you can create your first blog site. You can switch to paid service as the experience gradually increases. This is also a good blog platforms. Yours is an independent matter.

6. Tumblr:-

Here also you can get blog idea and can create your first web site by registering Tumblr- It’s also a great quality performance, where your creativity can be highlighted. It is not impossible to earn from here.

7. Other:-

In addition to all the above platforms, there are many other types of platforms. You can create your own blog site or website for free from here. Other platforms are – weebly, yola, medium and many other platforms.

You will find all the above platforms for free. Besides, you can get paid services according to your ability and convenience. Go through other’s blog, you may get various blog idea and enjoy.

I will help you with the different types of information in this regard in next time. I hope you enjoyed the writing of blog idea and its platforms.

Of course if you like writing, be sure to comment in the comment box.

Stay home. Be safe, you and your family.


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