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The Best Website Builder Platform for Beginners in 2022- WordPress

WordPress is the most famous website publishing application at present time in 2022. It is The Best Website building Platform for Beginners. It is a CMS(Content Management System) that means your content of website is managed by you very easily and securely also. WordPress is an application oriented by language of PHP (PHP is discussed below), what is an open source program application.

It is used to create blog as well as any type of website also very easily as it is open source. So you can easily download into your server and create blog or website or so on. It is a privileged program. So you have no need to know program language. Just install and customise your site whatever your choice.

WordPress- The Best Website Builder Platform-

WordPress is such a platform where anybody can build a website easily. As it is a readymade platform to build website, so no coding experience has to need. Because this is majorly a no coding website building platform. That is why there no need to learn any coding language. It is very simple, easy to understand and install. Only you have idea to understand English and internet knowledge. If you can handle your Android Mobile using internet, you are at the door step in the world of wordpress website building industry. So wordpress is called an easy blog platform for beginners and it is the best free website builder also.

WordPress Inventor-

Matt Mullenweg invented WordPress and launch on 27th may of 2003. Primarily up to 2012 wordpress version 3.4 was downloaded almost 3 crore. At present wordpress version 5.8.2 is running. This application is runnable in any type of operating system. Those are windows, Linux, Unix etc.

There is no limit to acquire knowledge, but I think this is enough for a beginner who wish to create their own blog or website. Although you will know wildly about WordPress when you will sink into the work of website making. 


I told previously the language of PHP. WordPress is made of PHP programming language. The full form of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor. The earlier it was abbreviated as Personal Home Page. It is also an open source program and this program is created in HTML. So you can easily write and edit with user friendly editor Notepad++. PHP is used for creating websites or web application. Basically this program helps to build up static dynamic website for web applications. PHP was invented by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. PHP is created with syntax which is similar to c c ++ and Java. Some famous websites in the world are made of PHP language. e.g. Facebook Yahoo etc.

Now you can imagine why I try to motivate you to learn and create at least your own website and future you can take it for your profession to build of professional websites.


Full form of c panel is control panel. It is actually the hosting controller. Imagine you have a physical shop of grocery. From here customers buy commodities according to their needs. The customers can see some products in front of them and some cannot see. But you can find and keep those in front of the customers. Which are kept and are not, all depend on the need of customers. But the activity in back door depends on you only. Keeping of quality quantity of products always depend on you behind the background.

Hosting CPanel is that function place from where you can control the whole activity of your blog site and website. Images, writing decoration, colours adding or deduction of any features of function can be controlled by Cpanel. Viewers view the front of the site but you, the administrator control the whole site as well as front view also.

The looks of a Cpanel differs from hosting providing company to company according to their function and policy. A popular Cpanel looks like the below image.

WordPress/Control panel/Dashboard-

Primary wordpress is installed through Cpanel. But after installing wordpress major functions are done in WordPress control panel and Dashboard. If there is nothing major problem Hosting Cpanel is not used regularly.

But wordpress cpanel dashboard is used in daily basis. Various pages, posts, website decoration, theme installation, plugins installation all are done in WordPress control panel.


I hope you know the meaning of theme. May be you are using Android theme for your Android mobile.

What is the function of a theme?

Theme decorates the display of your website graceful and attractive. Themes have pictures and functions to keep the apps icon search bar etc. of a Android mobile.

Such like that a theme of a wordpress blog or website gives an attractive look. Here you can customize your theme according to your choice.

Theme may be free or paid. Free themes are provided by the Although many other sites provide free themes including GPL license. Primarily a beginner can use free themes from As provides open source product, so no problem to use those professionally and commercially also.

There are some sites those provide attractive good looking professional type themes without any cost. After downloading and installing into your site you can customize this according to your choice and need.

Of course anyone can purchase premium theme. These themes have some additional key features and functions to look attractive. Although these are sites which are decorated by premium themes have extra functions and appearances.

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Plugins are very very important applications for wordpress blogs and websites. Plugins are additional software which create functions of any website. As for example if you want to create a contact form from where your viewers can contact with you through email. Then you must have any contact from creating plugins in your website. Otherwise you cannot create any type of contact form or subscriber button also(Note- If you are a PHP Coder, you can definitely create any type of function).

As a whole plugins create more functions, give better features and looks your blog site and websites.

Plugins are available free of cost (open source) from and also available premium plugins from various websites.

Naturally paid premium version have more functionality other than free plugins. But as beginners free plugins are enough according to their needs.

But all depend on the user, what their priority and need from their blog and websites.

My SQL database-

There are a lot of applications in c panel. After opening control panel you can view many icons in the dashboard. Each and every icon has different functions. You will learn the functions of those applications slowly. But primarily know my SQL database application.

My SQL database is a application where all data of your site stored here with coding. You have nothing to do. All are working automatically only by clicking.

Softaculous app installer and wordpress installation-

Scroll the dashboard of Cpanel. At the bottom you can see softaculous apps installer application icon. There are a lot of app installers. As for example wordpress, Joomla, Abante Cart, etc. All the apps are used to build up websites. But nothing to do anything, you have to look at the wordpress only. Click the wordpress icon and download wordpress default website into your server.

Perhaps you may see various apps in a Cpanel. Each and every app has different functions. But you do not frighten to watch those. I will tell and teach each and every functions of those apps. Some are vital and some art minor. You can also learn all those after sinking into the World of website building slowly but steadily.

You only follow my next article which you can see how wordpress to be downloaded and install into your server. Just wait and relax until wordpress installation complete. Thanks a lot.

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