Basic Needs for Creating a Website

Basic Needs for Creating a Website in 2022 | Very Easy for Beginners, No Coding

There are Various websites and blog sites we crawl to gather information, but do we think that anybody can build websites for their own? Do you think that you should have your own blog or website? We do Facebook, WhatsApp Telegram etc. everyday. But we do not think that we can also build our own website like Facebook, WhatsApp, telegram etc. But how? Here I explain about the basic needs for creating a website. The Tricks are very easy for Beginners, because there no coding is required. That is why you may say the tricks- build website without coding.

Yes my friend you must have a website for your own- business or profession, at least a blog, portfolio. It is going on 2021 and coming 2022, the 21st century. Last 15 to 20 years, technology bloomed and it broke its previous records of 5 to 100 years.

Why You should have a Blog site or Portfolio-

Each and every work is done through online-

Now men are so busy and depend on technology that they have no time and no mentality to read any physical paper or even work on physically. From money transactions to experience of your entire job and training all are going on online through the internet. So why CEOs or employers waste their time to go to your physical papers? So you should have a portfolio site or a blog site.

Carry to Handle-

Carry to handle physically is backdated. You must be going with the contemporary situation. All of your certificates, papers of working history and others are kept in a file of portfolio, blog. I agree all these are essential physically also, but only one time, for just verification only. In time of application to severall sectors physical xerox copies and festered postal charges irritate us. But create your portfolio only once and send the link only to your employer or your boss.

For writers-

Maybe you are a writer, but you have no publishers to publish your writings. They are staying alone in your diary. . Blogging is the best platform to publish your writings. It is independent whenever you write and whenever to publish your thoughts.

Show Your Creativity-

You have some creative ideas- writing, drawing, photography, sculpture etc. On these subjects you create your website. Show your creativity to the people. Make your friend circle. Request them to like and share with their friend circles. Your creative work will be in the hearts of the global people. 

This will be your exhibition, your showcase. The young artist struggles each and every day to publish, to participate in exhibitions. But they fail to catch the particular authority. Your own website may help you to achieve your goal.

Professional Farm Website-

Websites can help lawyers, engineers, doctors or any type of professionals to get their personal fulfillment. Lawyers can establish a farm to conduct their activity for giving services to their clients. Just like this, engineers and doctors also can conduct their services smoothly for their clients and patients.

These types of websites generate clients, customers, patients services where they can consult with their professionals or doctors for taking decisions. Appointment facilities are also available in these types of websites.

Local Business-

If anybody has local business, he or she can grow his/her business through a fantastic website. They can convert their website into an eCommerce site also.

E-Commerce site-

We know the names of Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. Businessmen who are running their business and sell commodities or products offline, they can convert their website like Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal or any other e-commerce site.

Here your business enters into the global market.

Although any unique type of product for local, regional but special products which is available only in that particular region. They can sell their products through e-commerce site globally. Making these type of websites are not difficult. Anybody can create these or interested persons can contact us to build the same.

Educational Course-

In this covid lockdown situation all Educational institutes are closed. Highly crisis affects the normal life of human beings, including education. But stopping education means the end of civilization. So we are bound to take help from the internet and websites online classrooms.

Many teachers, tutors and educational institutions also are creating educational websites of online e-learning courses. That means individual persons are also building websites of e-learning Education courses to continue the educational system.

Those are the major fields of need for websites. Besides those there are more sectors, where you can create websites.

Now we will discuss to whom we create these websites. Either websites are created for oneself or for a client. May be you are under those professional groups, whatever I described previously. Or you are interested in learning and earning to create websites for your clients. Establishment is not impossible to create websites, blogs for ownself and creating websites for clients are also be possible. Choose which decision will be the perfect for you.

Basic Needs for Creating a Website in 2022-

What should be the basic knowledge to build websites? We share our knowledge and experiences to the youngsters and how they can also engage themselves for building websites. We help to be a professional. Our method needs no hi fi knowledge or techniques. But some simple and common ideas. 

No Coding-

At first I must say there is nothing need to learn Coding. Yes any body can easily create any type of Website with no coding Experiences. So why are you wasting your time to sink into a abstract un solution day dream?

Very Easy for Beginners | Mobile Handle Ability-

 For example- you need only mobile Handle ability, internet surfing ability, simple customisation ability of mobiles. If you have a desktop or laptop you are at the doorstep to achieve your goal. A mobile can help you for creating blog or lite websites as this device is tiny. To be a professional website builder it is difficult. Of Course a laptop or desktop really helps to be a good professional website builder. For doing work for clients- laptops or desktops are always the backbone. These devices help to work smoothly and also help to give you a professional attitude.

Read and Understand English a little bit-

Nothing deep knowledge of reading and understanding English to learn about building a site. But you should have the ability to read and understand a little bit of English. Why do you need some English knowledge? Because all of the terminology for descriptions are provided in English. This does not mean- you cannot acquire the knowledge for building websites of your own mother tongue. Of course anybody else has their blog or teaching websites of website creation of their mother language. Just go to Google and search for a blog or website in your mother tongue.

But all the applications from where they teach must be in English language. So you should have a minimum school level English knowledge.

Curiosity and Eger to know mentally-

Each and every middle class family member needs a job after completing their studies. Job means service under any Boss or an employer or own business. 

What about your choice, you should have curiosity and mentality of eger to know. Success is nothing, but its root key lies in failure. But an aggressive attitude is also needed.

No Perfection is absolute in this field. That means this field is so large and giant that there is no absolute finishing line. Each and every day this field is being updated and new methods, techniques are coming. So there is no end to doing job and earnings.

Build a Website for Free | Sometimes a Small Capital-

No no I don’t need any fees. You need only a custom dormant and hosting service to build your own website. Maybe it will be your earning platform for a learning laboratory. There are various free platforms available in the market to create blogs. But you know the difference between free platforms and paid platforms. Of course you may create your website without money. But in this situation you do not get any custom domain.

Customisation is limited in free services, but a paid service can explore multi-purpose options and support systems.

So I always recommend you to afford at least 2000 Rupee for purchasing a domain and hosting.

I am saying again to be an introverted self employed person and create your own Luck to be an example of your local area. Make your own identity independently. Thanks…

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