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20 Free & Premium HTML Admin Dashboard Templates

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I hope you all know about CMS or Content Management System. A CMS is a backend platform on your web where you can add, update, or delete a content. If you have ever run a blog, you would understand immediately what I mean. This WordPress website you are visiting is being operated by a content management system.

Similarly, there are particular parts of the website which is in control of the administrator. The admin has the authority to do the most important things on the website and monitor the activities of other team mates.

This part is called the admin panel of the CMS. An ecommerce website, or an ERP, or a CRM cannot run without it. Designing and coding an admin panel can be tough and increase your development time.

To overcome this problem, we have come up with 20 amazing and **free** HTML5 templates for your admin dashboard. You just have to select the one you like the most.

1. Ultimo


2. Free SB Admin 2 Bootstrap Template

free sb admin

3. Conquer




5. ORB

free orb

6. Siminta


7. AdminLTE


8. Rapido


9. Free Lumino

free lumino

10. Supina


11. KAdmin Dark

kadmin dark

12. Metro lab

metro lab

13. Bootstrap Metro Dashboard


14. Brio Web App

brio web app

15. VinceG Admin

vinceg admin

16. Blue Nile Admin

blue nile admin

17. Transdim Light

transdim light

18. Medialoot HTML5 Admin

medialoot19. BlueWhale


20. Yellow Admin



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