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20 Useful WordPress Music Player Plugins

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Music can take you through time–into the lost eras of past and into the unknown horizons of future. Music has always been central to the agenda of people, across all cultures and across all times. Even websites use music and hence, the need for a music player. Music players are used to play audio on…

15 Useful WordPress Themes for Musicians

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Any musician looking to get the word out about his or her music should consider creating an online presence. Aside from social networking platforms, musicians can also invest in having their own website, where they can publish or sell their music, update their fans on tour dates, etc. For musicians ready to set up their…

15 WordPress Malware Removal Plugins

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Security is an important factor in developing and managing a website. For WordPress site users, there is an easy solution to various security problems such as malware. Plugins are a great way to make sure that your site’s defences are up. Malware removal plugins scan your site for malware and viruses for optimum security for…

15 WordPress Events Calendar Plugins

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Calendars are a must for websites featuring festivals, bands, performances and booking reservations. Thankfully, there are many plugins readily available for WordPress websites. Events calendar plugins are useful for showing your visitors monthly spreads of your calendar with details on events. Some plugins will also allow your visitors to book tickets, rooms and the like…

20 Useful WordPress Plugins For Managing File

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By installing plugins like FTP inWordPress, you can get eased from FTP accreditations for each and every redesign. It can normally happen that while facilitating your site one of the hosts requests FTP qualifications before the update process. In any case, with premium WordPress FTP plugins, such circumstances will never emerge. All things considered, these…

10 WordPress Plugins For Preventing Spam

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Spam is a major concern for every WordPress powered blog. Spam can prove to be very nasty and can make the blog owner restless. In fact, even if your blog doesn’t have the facility for user comments, you can still get a dozen of spam comments every day! But to solve this issue, you don’t…

10 Cool WordPress Login Protection Plugins

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If you have a big team and data that your WordPress website harbors is sensitive, you would hate to keep your WordPress login unprotected. We bring you 10 WordPress login protection plugins that will help you keep your WordPress based website safe. These login protection strategies work in different ways. While some look for stealth…

20 Useful WordPress Membership Plugins

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In case we’re going to speak a touch about membership plugins for WordPress, we have to begin with the most self-evident – there are a great deal of choices out there. Need me to get straight to the point? Give me a chance to “main concern” it for you. The uplifting news is that dissimilar…

20 Cool Design WordPress Themes

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WordPress is unquestionably the most favored CMS stage on the web. Because of the fame and improvement of WordPress CMS, topics that are exceptionally made for destinations fueled by WordPress additionally increased impressive acclaim in the business sector. Clients love WordPress subjects in light of the fact that it is easy to set up and…

20 Useful WordPress Carousel Plugins

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There are numerous reasons why individuals conclude that it would be an extraordinary thought for them to make their own particular site. Much of the time, individuals think that they ought to have a site with a specific end goal to tell people about the merchandise and administrations that they have available to be purchased.…

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