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10 opencart extentions for product options

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In the present era of profound neck rivalry, online traders are searching for something extraordinary and out of the box for their eCommerce sites. OpenCart is a powerful and viable eCommerce arrangement offering different elements and an appealing interface. It is a PHP-based shopping cart stage which is secure, component rich, simple to utilize and…

20 Opencart Theme For Mobile Friendly

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It is important that we ought to be receptive with regards to internet advertising. Doing the things that we’ve been doing in the past and expecting an alternate result. Indeed, that is craziness! We can’t go to a specific destination riding the wrong transport. We ought to open our psyches to this before we figure…

14 Cool CSS Grids For Both Desktop & Mobiles

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CSS grid framework? Well, you have hundreds and thousands of choices. Which one to use? Which is one is better? Which will work better if I am developing for mobile as well? These questions are very difficult to answer unless you have worked on a variety of frameworks, which is not feasible. However, you need…

20 jQuery Plugins for Responsive Carousel

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Even though out of fashion for most of the new websites, carousel sliders still hold their importance. And why not? They are probably the best way to display products and services on your landing page. Maybe that’s the reason why many ecommerce giants including Amazon rely on carousel sliders. The greatest benefit of using carousels…

20 jQuery Plugins For Countdown

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Timer has always been an integral part of website. Especially at the times of launch of a new product, service, or even a new website itself. In fact, timers have been one of the most used elements of a website. But why not standardize countdown timers then? A lot of coding resources are available online…

10 Useful jQuery Plugins For Portfolio

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Web designing surely wouldn’t have been so easier and faster without jQuery. Not only it has made web designing easier, it has helped enhance the development time with the help of jQuery plugins, making web designing more accessible. Displaying your portfolio is an artistic and flamboyant manner is of prime importance. It helps you make…

9 WordPress Plugins For Securities

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Being the website owner, you must be updated with the latest security WordPress plugins, exclusively developed and used this year. Just like the previous year, you should protect your WordPress websites from unethical hacking, virus attacks and predictable online vulnerabilities that are enough to jeopardize the site. You must be aware that the viruses are…

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