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10 JQuery Plugins For Context Menu

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The menu information lives right within the page so there’s no need to create a custom plugin. The contextual menu appears at the cursor or where the pointer was placed when clicked and often contains alternate ways to use the options in the system. Context menu spec allows developers to create custom context menus for given blocks…

10 Useful jQuery Plugins For News Ticker

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All companies have this press release or news section. It is not only important from the point of view of information, but experts say that it might also be helpful in leveraging your Google ranking. Agencies are even using twitter feeds to display updates. Most of the news web design that we see these days…

15 JQuery Plugins For Multi Select

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Selecting from a list–whether a single item or multiple ones–has become an indispensable parts of any web application. Its use is widespread. You must have done so during a sign up process for newsletters where you choose the topics you want in your newsletter. We have come up with 15 amazing jQuery multi select plugins…

15 jQuery Timeline Plugins

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The timeline format is not new, but really, it got popular when Facebook decided to add it to their wall design. Timeline is one of the best way to show the progress of the company to your visitors. Timelines help visualize the growth and gives an overview of company’s history. Even the giants like Amazon,…

10 Useful jQUery Plugins for Shopping Cart

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Ecommerce store as coming up everyday. People are selling everything online–t-shirts, apparels, furniture, consumer electronics, books, and even undergarments and grocery. With ecommerce need thriving, web design can be often seen overloaded with projects. The problem is with the way they develop their website. Why create everything anew, especially when you have some cool almost…

10 Cool jQuery Rotate Plugins

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It is the era of the web. But the the underlying principles have not changed. While earlier, you had to look cool in physical, now your business must look cool online too. You cannot escape it. From time to time, clients demand various types of design. One of them include rotation of images. The idea…

15 Useful jQuery Alert Box & Message Box

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Just logged in or took an action? Or did you just got your payment confirmed? All the situations require a clear message delivery to the user. The message has to be distinct from the website and visible. That’s when the idea of pop-up box came up. Also known as Alert box / Message box. Earlier,…

15 Useful jQuery Charts Plugins

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Charts and graphs are integral parts of our lives. More so as we are entering to the era of data mining and analysis. Using charts and graphs extensively on the site makes it easier for the people to read and interpret the data. In fact, that was the idea behind infographics as well. There are…

10 jQuery Plugins For Calendar

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Anything related to date/time on a website or a web application is usually implemented with a backend language. Many langauges including Python and Java are used for the implementation. However, jQuery has the capability of tying into a backend language through AJAX. Calendar are integral part of many websites now-a-days. Almost every company engaging in content marketing…

10 jQuery Plugins For Sticky Menus

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We have already emphasized on the importance and pros of fixed navigation bars. It improves the speed and accessibility of the website. No matter where the user is on the website, she is always in control. Actually, the psychology of sticky menus are preferred by users. It is because of  sticky menus instills a sense of confidence in the users.…

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