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15 Free jQuery Plugins For Book Flip Effects

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However, implementing a flip book is difficult through coding. It requires a good mathematics background and coding skills. But, with jQuery plugins, it’s a child play. And that’s what we are offering you today. A set of 15 FREE jQuery plugins for book flip effects! 1. BookBlock: A Content Flip Plugin 2. imBookFlip 3. jFlip…

20 Cool JQuery Plugins For Videos

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Video is indispensable. With every new year, the necessity of video based website and marketing will rise. You have no reason to doubt me. Check the YouTube stats and you will know it for yourself. However, playing video on a website is not a child’s play. It takes amazing coding skills to get it done. We…

20 Amazing jQuery Plugins For Responsive Gallery

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Image galleries are almost on every website, especially since the onset of visual and image based blogging. Even companies display their portfolio in gallery format–consisting of images and videos arranged in elegant manner. However, there are chances that you are so overloaded with work you do not find time to create a lucrative gallery. That’s…

15 JQuery Plugins For Parallax Scroll

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Parallax scrolling is the biggest trend in website design and development in 2015. While some less popular web design trends come and go, the parallax scrolling effect is always in style. This is the best solution for one-page websites as well as guided storytelling. However, I have encountered developers who still don’t know how to implement…

20 Useful jQuery Plugins For Vertical Menu

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Horizontal navigation, though lucrative, is going out of trend. The cons are evident. For so much to show on website, you need more horizontal space. But horizontal space is limited. Enters, vertical navigation. One of the best websites and companies in the world are resorting to vertical navigation. Even Google Capital’s website features vertical navigation.…

10 jQuery Plugins For Metro

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Since the launch of Windows 8, everyone went crazy about metro style presentation. Whether it is for displaying gallery, portfolio presentation, or a random display of blog posts, metro style presentation is the new style. Well, it has its share of advantages. It works well for mobile as well as desktop. Navigation is easier. You…

15 Useful jQuery Plugins For Hover Effects

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Do you want to add brilliant effects in your website or blog? Try using the awesome jQeury hover effects that we have selected here for you along with the source so that you can easily download the effects from our list. This is the latest technology that helps in making the websites look distinct in…

15 Useful jQuery Lightbox Plugins

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Are you looking for useful jQuery Lightbox Plugins? Then your search stops here. We have selected and listed top 15 useful jQuery Lightbox Plugins for your convenience. With the help of these plugins, you can use web content and other display images using the modal dialogs. Usually, these plugins are full of amazing features, especially…

10 Useful jQuery Plugins For Treeview

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Are you wondering to get hold of some of the most useful jQuery Treeview plugins? You don’t have to search anymore, because we have already done it on behalf of you. jQuery is one of the most popular technology that is developed more and more for simplifying the web use. Treeview technology of jQuery is…

10 jQuery Plugins For Youtube

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With more than 1 billion users, every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. YouTube is localized in 75 countries and available in 61 languages. Are those figures enough to convince you of the YouTube’s power? If not, here…

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