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20 Personal Blog Design For Inspiration

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Blogs or the web logs, as they were called earlier–have been a major tool to express. And while people used it to share, companies have used blogs to connect with its customers and offer useful content. And even with the onset of multimedia including podcasts and interactive videos, blog have not lost its charm. As…

20 Creative Resume (CV) Design

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Your CV or resume is the base on which the superstructure of your career rests. Better you mustn’t take any chances to make a stale CV that can be made by anyone. For your information, gone are the days when people used to make their resume on while A4 papers and the whole thing was…

20 Retro & Vintage Web Design Inspiration

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Website design trends keep on changing. What might have been suitable for you in the year 2014, can be totally out of place in 2015. You need to be keep your website updated from design perspective. Recently, the archaic (that may seem “too old”, so you can call it retro and vintage) design trends are…

19 Creative 404 Error Design pages

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There will be hardly anyone who feels happy to face a broken link page showing 404 error in front of the face. Particularly this becomes irritating when the person is seriously looking for some important information in an emergency. Only a designer can make an annoyed visitor smile with a creative 404 Error image instead…

20 Creative Transparent Business Cards

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Most of the business cards, as I know, lie at the table of your lead. You wait for that one call or that joyous email, while your business card is almost forgotten. There is no chance that your lead remember that card leave alone the calling or email. That’s why designing business cards become important.…

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