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20 beer infographics templates

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If you are anything like us, then you do enjoy some chilled beer. Just like some of you curious minds, we too have a thirst for beer related information. We took some time out and searched for the coolest info (or we can say infographics) on our beloved beer. There is nothing like having a…

20 black and white photoshop actions

in Graphic Design by

The era of black and white will never lose its grace. Why? Because it suits a lot of situations. There are perspectives which cannot be put in color pictures. That’s why black and white effect still looms on the digital era. You can create black and white effects using photoshop actions easily. We bring you…

20 Nice Vignette Photoshop Actions

in Graphic Design by

Vignette, in graphic design, refers to a unique form for a frame to an image, either illustration or photograph. Rather than the image’s edges being rectilinear, it is overlaid with decorative artwork featuring a unique outline. (Wikipedia: Vignette (graphic design)) This effect even prevails in photography as when the edges of a photograph are masked.…

20 travel agency brochure templates

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New travel agencies are opening up everyday. And not just in developed and develop countries, they are everywhere–from Indonesia, Java, and Guinea to Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. Yes. Everywhere. More travel agency means more ‘unique’ brochure and content requirement. And consequently, more demand for new designs. If you are one, you know how difficult it…

20 Cool Infographics Templates For 3D

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3D is everywhere. The Avengers come in 3D. The Iron Man, of course, is 3D. The animation based characters are all coming in 3D. So, why not the infographics. 3D infographics just make the information and the graphics alive. It puts the complete scenario into perspective.But creating 3D effects in infographics is challenging task. While…

20 photoshop photography actions

in Graphic Design/Graphics by

Each and every photoshop action has been a boon to the life of graphic designer. It stores a lot of tasks and actions which are clubbed together which you can perform on several images in one go so that you won’t have to deal with one image at a time. Photoshop actions are indeed powerful…

20 Cool Photoshop Actions For Fashion

in Graphic Design/Graphics by

Fashion has always been in the trend since..yes, since, the very start of the civilization. People love to dress in a particular way. And the priorities have changed with the changes in time. Creating fashion effects in photoshop is not an easy task. It takes time and expertise. What if you don’t have time and…

20 Beautiful Halloween Party Flyer Templates

in Graphic Design/Graphics by

Halloween! Yes! It’s here, and we all wait for those crazy, weird dresses which are too good to ignore. No matter how old we are, we won’t resist the temptation, will we? The special day requires special things. And all those special things require special attention. Wanna throw a part? Well, you would need a…

20 Cool Bold Script Font

in Graphic Design by

We have come once again with fonts. But this time, the agenda is different. While we have dealt with comic logos previously, not every context need them. We observed that bold fonts are often tricky, especially when they have to be script based. You don’t know which one will work until you choose one and…

20 comic book fonts

in Graphic Design by

You know what Steve Jobs excelled in? No! Not product development. Nor management. Though he sound like a management guy, his excellence lied in typography! Yes, I said,”Typography”! Now you can understand the success of Apple’s fonts. They are amazing. Cool. And you can label all the other adjectives to it, if you know how…

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