20 Cool Photoshop Actions For Fashion

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Fashion has always been in the trend since..yes, since, the very start of the civilization. People love to dress in a particular way. And the priorities have changed with the changes in time. Creating fashion effects in photoshop is not an easy task. It takes time and expertise.

What if you don’t have time and you’re not an expert? Well, you resort to photoshop actions. A simple click and you have the effect of your choice.

To make matters even simpler, we bring you 20 fashion photoshop actions which will help you create some amazing fashion effect with a simple mouse click and on as many photos as possible.

Hope you like it!

Analog & Retro Photoshop Actions

Photos that exhibit a retro look have been making a come back for a few years now.

Scarlet Fantasy Photoshop Action

Scarlet is an advanced color-process action for natural light portraits, fashion and fine-art.

50 Film Noire PS Actions Bundle

A huge Collections of colour grading actions presets from retro look to modern touch of photography.

Peony Photoshop Action

Peony Photoshop Action will provide rich natural toning for portrait, fashion and fine-art photography.

KolourPro Action Collection

Photoshop Actions 3.0 – Fashion Effect

1. Photoshop Actions 3.0 - Fashion Effect

Free photoshop actions for fashion bloggers

2. free photoshop actions for fashion bloggers

Prettify – 5 Free Photoshop Actions

3. Prettify_5_Free_Photoshop_Actions

Fashion color toning photoshop actions

4. fashion-color-toning-actions

Fashion light-room presets

5. fashion lightroom presets

Action 008 by Modern Actions

6. Action 008 by Modern Actions

Action 004

7. Action 004

Action 005 by crunchBy

8. action_005_by_crunchby

Fashion Beauty Actions Set

9. Fashion Beauty Actions Set



Fashion after

11. fashion_after

Fashion photoshop actions by photographypla

12. fashion_photoshop_actions_by_photographypla

Fashion action

13. fashion action

Fashion actions

14. fashion actions


15. julia

Photoshop actions pack1 by reehbr

16. photoshop_actions_pack_1_by_reehbr

Fashion – Photoshop Actions

17. Fashion - Photoshop Actions

18. Fashion – Photoshop Actions [BUNDLE]

18. Fashion - Photoshop Actions [BUNDLE]

Belle Fleur

19. Belle Fleur

Emily soto fashion actions

20. emily-soto-fashion-actions

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