20 Vintage Photoshop Actions

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Vintage style is of a great use when you need to apply a series of certain retro/vintage effects to the exact photo or image. It allows the enhancement of colors, contrasts, shadows and other elements of the image.

Well, you don’t need to start from scratch each time you want to create one. You can simply use Photoshop actions–Vintage Photoshop Actions, to be precise. Being a Photoshop feature, Photoshop Actions can help you automate tasks.

So, let’s browse the collection of 20 Vintage Photoshop Actions curated to save your creation time for vintage graphics.

Professional Photoshop Actions

Professional Photoshop Actions is comprehensive set of actions for color correction, retouching, and HDR effects.

Vintage Film Photoshop Actions

Giving your images that coveted vintage film look is only a click away.

Vintage Comic Creator

1. Vintage Photo by Mutate Nomine

1. vintage_photo_by_mutato_nomine

2. UTW dreamy vintage Photoshop action

2. UTW-Dreamy-Vintage-Photoshop-Action

3. Vintage Matte Action

3. vintage matte action

4. Vintage effect PS actions

4. vintage effect ps actions

5. Spotlight lollys vintage photoshop actions

5. spotlight-lollys-vintage-photoshop-actions

6. Vintage dream PS actions

6. Vintage dream PS Actions

7. Vintage photoshop actions (free)

7. vintage_photoshop_actions_free

8. Ssvintage retro effects VR13

8. SSVintageRetroEffects VR13

9. Ssvintage retro effects

9. SSVintageRetroEffects

10. Autumn vintage photoshop action

10. autumn_vintage_photoshop_action

11. Actions vintage

11. actions-vintage

12. Beach vintage

12. beach vintage

13. Vintage photoshop actions

13. vintage_photoshop_actions

14. Free Vintage Instagram Photoshop action for Amazing Photo Effects

14. Free_vintage_Instagram-photoshop-action-for-photo-effects

15. Dark Vintage Retro Photoshop Actions

15. Dark-Vintage_Retro_Photoshop_Actions

16. Vintage action

16. vintage action

17. ATP Vintage Photoshop Actions

17. atp_vintage_photoshop_actions

18. Vintage effect – photoshop action

18. vintage_effect___photoshop_action

19. Vintage and retro color actions

19. Vintage and retro color actions

20. Vanillaroid photoshop action

20. vanillaroid_photoshop_action

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