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20 Nice Vignette Photoshop Actions

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Vignette, in graphic design, refers to a unique form for a frame to an image, either illustration or photograph. Rather than the image’s edges being rectilinear, it is overlaid with decorative artwork featuring a unique outline. (Wikipedia: Vignette (graphic design))

This effect even prevails in photography as when the edges of a photograph are masked. Creating such effect with the help of photoshop is not that easy. It requires time, effort, skills, and a right eye for it. And if you get to create such effect for hundreds of images, may God save you!

Well, there’s a way out. Here are 20 vignette photoshop actions to help you get control of your vignette effects. Hope you like it.

Unapologetic Action Collection

FilterGrade Film Series I Photoshop Actions

The FilterGrade Film Series is a fantastic collection of film effects and realistic, movie-like photo actions.

FilterGrade Film Series II Photoshop Actions

1. Vignette

1. vignette

2. Vignette timts prayer

2. vignettes-timts-prayer

3. My Photoshop Actions

3. My Photoshop Actions

4. Vignette Photoshop Action

4. Vignette Photoshop Action

5. Radial filter vignette

5. radial-filter-vignette

6. CoffeeShop Vignette Free Action

6. CoffeeShop Vignette Free Action

7. Black and White Vignette Action

7. Black-White-Vignette-Action

8. Box Vignette Action

8. Box-Vignette-Action

9. Vignetting Images in Photoshop

9. Vignetting Images in Photoshop

10. Dave’s Vignetting Action

10. Daves Vignetting Action

11. Burnt edges vignette

11. burnt edges vignettes

12. Holgarizer

12. Holgarizer

13. Photoshop Actions – The Default Actions

13. Photoshop Actions – The Default Actions

14. Cold atmosphere

14. Cold-Atmosphere

15. Free redwall vignette actions

15. free-redwall-vignette-actions

16. CoffeeShop Burn PS/PSE Action and Tutorial!

16. CoffeeShop Burn PS_PSE Action and Tutorial

17. Dark effect photoshop action

17. dark_effect_photoshop_action

18. Off-centre vignette in Photoshop

18. off-centre vignette in Photoshop

19. Photoshop, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements

19. Photoshop, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements

20. How to: make a vignette

20. how to_make a vignette

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