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20 Useful PHP Scripts For Login

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Whether it is an ecommerce website, an online wallet, online games, online communities, and even discussion boards, they all use login. To use any of these web platforms, you need to login before you can use them.

Ability to create an error-free login script is an important skill for any web developer. But why start from scratch when you already have scripts ready to be deployed.

In this post, we have rounded up 20 useful php scripts for login. You can choose the one which goes most with your design. Hope you like it.

1. Phplogin

1. phplogin

2. AJAXed login/signup PHP script

2. AJAXed login-signup PHP script

3. Login page

3. login-page

4. Simple, sexy PHP Login Script

4. Simple-sexy PHP Login Script

5. Php login script

5. PHP Login Script

6. Php login script and user management

6. php login script and user management

7. Secure php login registration

7. secure php login registration

8. Php form script

8. php-form-script

9. EasyLogin

9. EasyLogin

10. Php login

10. php_login

11. SimpleAuth

11. SimpleAuth

12. PHP login form

12. php-login-form

13. A PHP login script

13. A-PHP-Login-Script

14. Sign in

14. sign-in

15. Php and mysql login script

15. php and mysql login script

16. Admin login entrance

16. admin_login_entrance

17. Php login script tutorial

17. PHP-Login-script-tutorial

18. Php login for user management

18. php-login for user management

19. Login

19. login

20. Php login form feature

20. php-login-form-feature

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