20 Useful jQuery Plugins For Vertical Menu

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Horizontal navigation, though lucrative, is going out of trend. The cons are evident. For so much to show on website, you need more horizontal space. But horizontal space is limited. Enters, vertical navigation.

One of the best websites and companies in the world are resorting to vertical navigation. Even Google Capital’s website features vertical navigation. Almost all the shopping websites use vertical navigation as well.

In this blog post we share 20 useful jQuery Plugins For vertical Menu. You can choose any one according to your needs and create vertical menu.

1. Simple Vertical Menu with jQuery and CSS3

vertical menu

2. Javascript Huge Vertical Menu

huge vertical menu

3. Flexy Menu

flexy menu

4. Responsive Vertical Menu

responsive vertical menu

5. Slim Vertical Menu

slim vertical menu

6. materaMenu – Responsive Material Vertical Menu


7. Flex Vertical Menu

flex vertical menu

8. Responsive Vertical Dashboard Menu

vertical dashboard menu

9. Vertical Responsive Menu

vertical responsive menu

10. His jQuery – Animated Vertical Menu

flexy menu

11. Fixed Menu – responsive horizontal, vertical menu

fixed menu

12. TT Menu – Vertical Horizontal Bootstrap Mega Menu

tt menu

13. Accordion Multi Menu

accordion multi menu

14. Super menu pack (10 menus)

super menu

15. Yalda package menu

yalda package menu

16. jQuery Accordion Menu

jQuery Accordion

17. Smooth Expandable Menu

smooth expandable menu

18. jQuery/CSS Vertical Admin Navigation

jQuery Css vertical menu

19. Z Menu Maker – Drop Down and Mega Menu

z menu

20. Responsive Bootstrap Sidebar Navigation

responsive bootstrap sidebar navigation


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