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20 Cool Splash Logo Templates

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A splash screen is a graphical control component comprising of window containing a picture, a logo and the present adaptation of the product. A splash screen generally shows up while a diversion or project is propelling. The term might likewise be utilized to depict a presentation page on a site (in which case it’s frequently alluded to as a splash page. Splash screens cover the whole screen or site page, or just a rectangle close to the focal point of the screen or page. The splash screens of working frameworks and a few applications that hope to be run full-screen normally cover the whole screen. Splash are ordinarily utilized by especially extensive applications to advise the client that the project is presently stacking. They give input that a protracted procedure is in progress. Once in a while, an advancement bar inside of the splash screen demonstrates the stacking advancement. A splash screen vanishes when the application’s fundamental window shows up.

1. Splash Video

Splash Video

2. Splash Consulting

Splash Consulting

3. Splash Logo

Splash Logo

4. Splash – Letter S Logo

Splash - Letter S Logo

5. Splash Play

Splash Play

6. Splash Logo

Splash Logo

7. Splash 8 – Logo Template

Splash 8 - Logo Template

8. Splash or Letter S Logo

Splash or Letter S Logo

9. Splash Logo

Splash Logo

10. Splash Fruit – Logo Template

Splash Fruit - Logo Template

11. Idea Splash Logo

Idea Splash Logo

12. Fashion Splash – Logo Template

Fashion Splash - Logo Template

13. Splash Design Logo Template

Splash Design Logo Template

14. Auto Splash

Auto Splash

15. Splash Color Logo

Splash Color Logo

16. Film Splash Logo Template

Film Splash Logo Template

17. Infinity Splash Logo

Infinity Splash Logo

18. Splash Box Logo

Splash Box Logo

19. Splash Design Logo

Splash Design Logo

20. Splash Network Logo Template

Splash Network Logo Template

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