20 School Brochures Template

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Nowadays schools from all over the world are using brochures to represent their services, opportunities, and staff to their respective target audiences.

School brochure templates can go a long way in helping any school in creating a strong reputation, status and providing a boost to their popularity and recognition.

Today we have got you 20 school brochure templates. These brochure templates can help you advertise your school in impress students and their wards or the bookstores or teachers to come and join you.

These brochures are easily printable in any size as they come with multiple graphics and color schemes. They can also be customized according to your needs. You can add your own logos or photographs to them.

Summer School Trifold Brochure

Summer school trifold brochure is a template for kindergarten, kids club, fun activities, summer camp.

School Brochure

1. Tutoring School

1. Tutoring School

2. Pharmacy school

2. Pharmacy school

3. Culinary school

3. culinary school

4. Kindergarten

4. kindergarten

5. Back to school

5. Back to school

6. Elementary School Brochure Template

6. Elementary-School-Brochure-Template

7. Education Brochure Template

7. Education-Brochure-Template1

8. Child Care School Brochure Template PSD

8. Chid-Care-School-Brochure-Template-PSD

9. Music School Brochure Template

9. Music-School-Brochure-Template

10. School Flyer Template

10. School-Flyer-Template

11. Dance School Brochure Template

11. Dance-School-Brochure-Template

12. Sample School Brochure Template

12. School-Brochure-Template

13. 1934 School Brochure Template

13. 1934-School-Brochure-Template

14. School Brochure Designs

14. School-Brochure-Designs

15. School Brochure Template Free Download

15. School-Brochure-Template-Free-Download

16. Glorich School Brochure

16. Glorich School Brochure

17. Batavia school brochure

17. batavia-school-brochure

18. Child Development School Tri Fold Brochure Template Design

18. Child Development School Tri Fold Brochure Template Design

19.  Kid s School Tri-Fold Brochure

19. Kid s School Tri-Fold Brochure

20. School/Educational Tri-Fold Brochure Templates

20. School-Educational-Tri-Fold-Brochure-Templates

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