20 Retro & Vintage Web Design Inspiration

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Website design trends keep on changing. What might have been suitable for you in the year 2014, can be totally out of place in 2015. You need to be keep your website updated from design perspective.

Recently, the archaic (that may seem “too old”, so you can call it retro and vintage) design trends are getting attention. They can be refreshing to look at and make the design alive.

However, the designers’ creativity can get stalled at times owing to the work pressure and time constraints. That’s when you need design inspirations. We have rounded up 20 amazing retro & vintage web design inspirations. We are sharing a list of 20 amazing websites that can give you a boost while you are suffering from designers’ block.


1. City Dog

city dog

2. Eighty Two Design

eighty two design

3. Tricycle Terror

tricycle terror

4. targetscope


5. The Hipstery


6. You Know Who Design


7. Homes at Edge Water

edge water

8. Vintage Clothing

vintage clothing

9. The Conan Blimp


10. Faltwoods Folk Art

flatwoods folk art

11. Kretivia


12. Original Juan

original juan

13. Antique Piano Shop

antique piano shop

14. Bean Exchange


15. An Event Apart


16. Transformology


17. Thrush Exhaust

trush exhaust

18. Carrozzeria Verga


19. The Dollar Dreadful

the dollar dreadful

20. Radio – The New York Moon

the new york moon

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