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20 Photoshop Tutorial For Creating HDR Images

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It is the time of images and videos. And not just any image or graphics. It has to be of high quality and high definition. Any less than that is not acceptable for your audience. However, resources is a limitation. Great cameras capturing HDR images are costly. Not everyone, especially if you are from a third world nation, afford it.

If you don’t know, HDR or High Dynamic Range photography is a technique for manipulating photos to bring out a wider range of exposure between the light and dark areas in an image. It is executed by taking several photographs of a single object using different exposure levels, and then overlaying the photos to create a single HDR image.

But as I said, you need to overcome that resource barrier. What designers can do is add an HDR effect on the images using Adobe Photoshop. In this blog post, we share 20 amazing online tutorials you can use to learn and implement HDR effects on the images.

Don’t wait, just HDR!

1. Single Raw to HDR in Lightroom

single raw to hdr

2. Exposure blending tutorial

exposure blending

3. Pseudo HDR effect with local contrast

Pseudo HDR effect with local contrast

4. Creating realistic HDR image

Creating realistic HDR image

5. Merging HDR

merging HDR

6. How to create professional HDR image

How to create professional HDR image

7. Gritty HDR

gritty hdr

8. Post Processing HDR Tutorial

post processing hdr

9. Extreme Soft Light

Extreme Soft Light

10. Create Artistic HDR Photos in Lightroom Without 3rd Party HDR Software

artistic hdr photo

11. Gimp


12. Layered HDR Tone Mapping

layered hdr tone mapping

13. HDR Style Results Using Layers in Photoshop

HDR Style Results Using Layers

14. HDR Tutorial

hdr tutorial

15. Learn HDR in Photoshop

Learn HDR in Photoshop

16. How to easily fake an HDR effect in Photoshop

how to fake an hdr

How to Manually Create an HDR Photo

18. A Simple Guide to creating HDR images

A Simple Guide to creating HDR images

19. Quick HDR Effect

quick hdr

20. Handheld HDR Tutorial

handheld hdr

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