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Blogs or the web logs, as they were called earlier–have been a major tool to express. And while people used it to share, companies have used blogs to connect with its customers and offer useful content. And even with the onset of multimedia including podcasts and interactive videos, blog have not lost its charm.

As a designer, to think in terms of blog can become difficult. Especially when you have to come up with something new. There are so many blog designs and amazing websites. How to come up with something new?

In this case, the problem can be a major solution for you. To put it simply, you need inspiration–from the blog already in existence.

This time we offer you 20 creative personal blog to inspire your creativity.


1. The Rissington Podcast

the rissington podcast

2. Iso50


3. Sam Rayner

sam rayner

4. Erratic Wisdom

erratic wisdom

5. Blissfully Aware

blissfully aware

6. Cristoph Zillgens

christoph zillgens

7. Josh Spear

josh spear

8. A Life in Translation

a life in translation

9. Jamie Knight

jamie knight

10. Joe Nyaggah

joe nyaggah

11. The Shaun

the shaun

12. Strange Native

strange native

13. Alexander Kaiser


14. Contolini


15. Jake Przespo


16. What Katie Does


17. Ivana Setiawan


18. Ma.tt


19. Oha Super

oha super

20. Living Design

living design

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