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20 Nice Music logo Design

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Musicians are creative. Their logos, lyrics, instruments, voice variations–every single thing associated with it is creative. It turns out from that fact that every thing being associated with a band or a music “has to be” creative.

That holds for the logo as well. I have seen some local music bands and music stores which doesn’t put much focus on it. They do not realize that how an amazing logo can give some weight to their perception in the minds of the people.

To give you, the designers, a boost, we have lined up 20 amazing music logos which will inspire you to create logos for music related activities, organizations, stores, and shops.

1. Mix Tape Attack


2. Jazz Artists of Charleston


3. Nirvana


4. Weezer


5. Audiostring


6. Jurassic 5

jurassic 5

7. Dream Radio

dream radio

8. Metallica


9. Kavinsky


10. Write and Record

write and record

11. Piano Box

piano box

12. Foo Fighters

foo fighters

13. Daily Jazz

daily jazz

14. Tunecake


15. The XX

the xx

16. Daft Punk

daft punk

17. The Streets

the streets

18. Melody Dog

melody dog

19. Jam Center

jam center

20. Devin Townsend Project

devin townsend

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