20 jQuery Plugins for Responsive Carousel

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Even though out of fashion for most of the new websites, carousel sliders still hold their importance. And why not? They are probably the best way to display products and services on your landing page. Maybe that’s the reason why many ecommerce giants including Amazon rely on carousel sliders.

The greatest benefit of using carousels is that they enable more than one piece of content to occupy the same piece of prime real estate on the homepage, which can help diffuse any infighting about whose content is most deserving. An additional benefit is that because more information appears near the top of the viewable area, there may be greater opportunity for people to actually see it.

That’s why we have rounded up 20 jQuery plugins for responsive carousel sliders. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Tikslus Carousel version 2.0


2. Responsive Infinite Carousel

Responsive Infinite Carousel

3. PnW Carousel

PnW Carousel

4. Simply Carousel

simply carousel

5. jCarousel


6. Thumbelina Content Slider

Thumbelina content slider

7. Circular Content Carousel

circular content carousel

8. Killer Carousel

killer carousel

9. Owl Carousel

owl carousel

10. Rotating Image Slider

rotating image slider

11. jQuery Infinite Carousel Plugin

jQuery Infinite Carousel Plugin

12. AnoSlide


13. jQuery.Silver Track

jQuery.Silver Track

14. Slick


15. Client Testimonial Carousel

client testimonial carousel

16. PgwSlideshow


17. ItemSlide.js


18. Slider Revolution

slider revolution

19. RoyalSlider


20. Camera Slider

camera slider

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