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20 jQuery Plugins For Countdown

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Timer has always been an integral part of website. Especially at the times of launch of a new product, service, or even a new website itself. In fact, timers have been one of the most used elements of a website.

But why not standardize countdown timers then? A lot of coding resources are available online which will help you create an website countdown timer yourself. A plugin would be even more helpful. It reduces the design time to a great degree.

There are a wide variety of jQuery plugins available online for countdown timers. Some of them are free while some are paid. You can use these scripts for your landing pages, under construction pages, event or personal web design works.

So, we take this opportunity to not only present 5 or 10, but 20 jQuery plugins you can use to add countdown timers in your website.

1. FlipClock.js


2. Flipcountdown


3. Soon Countdown Pack


4. Final Countdown

final countdown

5. jQuery Responsive Countdown with Visual Builder

jQuery Responsive Countdown with Visual Builder

6. Website Countdown

website countdown

7. downCount


8. mbComingsoon


9. Countdown jQuery Plugin

Countdown jQuery Plugin

10. Gieson Countdown

gieson countdown

11. Pietimer


12. Knob


13. Tuts Plus

tuts plus


14. Smart Timer and Counter

smart timer

15. Count Everest Countdown

count everest countdown

16. JCountdown Pro Plugin

JCountdown Pro Plugin

17. Coconut


18. Fancy Countdown

fancy countdown

19. Little Web Things

little web things

20. KK Countdown

kk countdown

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