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20 Free World Maps PSDs and Vectors

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There are many instances when companies have to display a world map–on a website, an annual report, a market research, a product brochure, and on a many other print and digital media format.

But you do not want your designers to spin wheel again. Why create new world map designs when you can find one, and that too for free?  There are a wide variety of free world map designs in PSD and vector format. All of them are designed for a specific purpose. And if you take a look at it, you can’t point that one is bad.


That’s why we have rounded up some coolest world map PSD and vectors. You can easily choose the one which fits your need. So, go ahead and make one work for you.

1. World Map

world map

2. Artistic Map-Making

artistic map making

3. Wikipedia Blank Map

wikipedia blank map

4. Vector World Map background

Vector World Map

5. Folded World Map

folded world map

6. Global Map Vector

global map vector

7. World Atlas – Dotted Mercator


8. Webcam World Map


9. World Map 45° Lines

world map 45 degree

10. Vector World Map

world map 1

11. Detailed World Map

detailed world map

12. World Countries Map

world countries map

13. World Map Silhouette

world map Silhouette

14. MacDaddy World Map

macdaddy world map

15. Dots World Map

dots world map

16. Earth Map Vector

earth map vector

17. Sketch Goobe and Map

sketch goobe and map

18. Transportation Ways World Map

transportation ways

19. World Map Global Network Design

world map network design

20. Digital Vector World Map

digital vector world map

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