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20 Free Metro Icons

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Metro style icons, since the launch of Windows 8, have engaged designers. So, in this blog we have shared 20 free metro icons which you can exploit in your next design project.

1. Drives H Metro Icon

drive h

2. Genderqueer


3. Apps Messaging

apps messaging

4. Tram 2


5. New Post

new post icon

6. Drives USB

drives usb

7. Web Asus


8. Folders OS Gadgets

folders os gadgets

9. Apps HTML 5

apps html5

10. Apps Facetime

apps facetime

11. Apps Google Sketchup

apps google sketchup

12. Apps VMware

apps vmware

13. Drives RAM

drives ram

14. Folders OS Bookmarks

folder os bookmarks

15. Folder OS Homegroup

folder os homegroup

16. Web Gmail


17. Apps Coding

apps coding

18. Apps Task Manager

task manager

19. Apps Visual Studio

apps visual studio

20. Drives USB alt 2

drives usb alt 2

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