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20 Creative Transparent Business Cards

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Most of the business cards, as I know, lie at the table of your lead. You wait for that one call or that joyous email, while your business card is almost forgotten. There is no chance that your lead remember that card leave alone the calling or email.

That’s why designing business cards become important. In the digital age, the purpose should not be give a way to communicate but to make a lasting impression. Your business card should be so special and unique that client would not dare throw such a special thing away.

Since the business cards are designed mainly to market the company brand name, every businessman should provide additional stuff to design a card. Any customer who makes a look on your business card should get admire and like to have a connection with you.  That’s why we have come up with 20 creative transparent business cards.

So, go on, enjoy the cards, and make sure you have one like them!

1. Dreamten Studios


2. Digital Fish

digital fish

3. Wildlabs


4. Archi Com

archi com

5. Net Plus

net plus

6. John Doe


7. Moving Doc


8. Sb Studio

sb studio

9. Grafix Unlimited


10. Via


11. AP Synergy

ap synergy

12. Consecution


13. Dash


14. Dario Monetini

dario monetini

15. Fluid Audience

Fluid Audience

16. Sevenone


17. Mom Worx


18. Aen


19. Marine Positive

marine positive

20. Progettazioni


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