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20 Creative 3D Logo Sample

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Logo designing is getting difficult, for all the ideas seems to be already occupied. For designers, creating a logo can get tricky with specifications. Like designing a logo in 3D.

While a 3D logo design might look very attractive, designing it is not a child’s play. I have seen many designers trying to make it happen, but failing miserably. Because 3D designing requires amazing insight into the details and many things can’t be judged before the actual outcome, it is a herculean task. You need to pick up the color, design as well as creativity for designing the right logo for the right client.

To make it a little easier for our readers and given them an insight into 3D logo design, we are sharing 20 amazing 3D logos. I hope these logos give you kick start.

1. Xenicore Designs


2. Sallee Design

sallee design

3. The Independent Party

the independent party

4. Vivid Cube

vivid cube

5. Mad Compass

mad compass

6. Aramova


7. Factory Business

factory business

8. Zmex Business Center

zmex business center

9. Emsas Constructions

Emsas Constructions

10. Meyvis


11. Hyperscopic


12. Covus


13. Mobilear


14. Claudio Coutinho


15. ABA Training Center


16. K&M Poland

k&m polland

17. Syntax Integrated Solutions


18. Snapt


19. Xcellon


20. Ticketza


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