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20 Cool Liquid Logo PSDs

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For your custom logo outline to check its best all alone business card, you will need to proceed with the best possible strides for setting it up for printing. The size and style, shading, and record sort can turn out to be on the right track to guarantee that predominant. Logos oblige a “protected zone” so they truly look the way that they ought to when printed. The lines of your particular logo shouldn’t be touching whatever other content or illustrations. Additionally guarantee your logo stays inside the edge of your outline; generally, your logo could get cut once the printer trims your association card to estimate. Ordinarily the logo on the business card is appreciable.On the off chance that you make your logo, you’ll have the capacity to size it all the more promptly to suit the business card, and the determination must be adequate to get a quality result when printing. Keep in mind, never duplicate your logo out of your webpage to experience a business card, since web picture determination is by and large just 72 dpi. Check out some amazing liquid logo PSD.

1. Liquid Drop Logo

Liquid Drop Logo

2. Liquid Logo

 Liquid Logo

3. Liquid Diamond Logo

 Liquid Diamond Logo

4. Liquid Media Logo

Liquid Media Logo

5. 3D Liquid Agency Logo Template

3D Liquid Agency Logo Template

6. Liquid Logo

 Liquid Logo

7. Chocolate Liquid Logo

 Chocolate Liquid Logo

8. Liquid Cloud Logo

 Liquid Cloud Logo

9. Liquid Art Logo

 Liquid Art Logo

10. Liquid Time – Logo Template

Liquid Time - Logo Template

11. Liquid State Logo

 Liquid State Logo

12. Liquid Power

 Liquid Power

13. Liquid Logo 3D-745

Liquid Logo 3D-745

14. Mobile Liquid Logo Template

Mobile Liquid Logo Template

15. Cross Liquid – Medical Logo

Cross Liquid - Medical Logo

16. Liquid Web Logo

Liquid Web Logo

17. Creative Liquid Drops Logo

Creative Liquid Drops Logo

18. Liquid Logo 3D-757

Liquid Logo 3D-757

19. Liquid Box Logo

 Liquid Box Logo

20. Liquid Logo Template

Liquid Logo Template

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