20 Cool event brochure Templates

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The world is a place full of events. No, we are not talking about the natural ones. We are talking about the unnatural one–the man-made ones. Birthdays, parties, anniversaries, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, sports event, music events, and a list of other names too long to fit here.

Each of the event is different and so are there brochure. These brochures actually help bring in people to the events. But you wouldn’t want to create event brochures from scratch every year, would you?

That’s why templates are here. We bring you 20 cool event brochure templates so that you can focus on the most important part–planning the event. Hope you like the list and your next event becomes a huge success.

Multipurpose Brochure

PreSchool Brochure

Preschool brochure fit for preschool and elementary level.

MutliCorp Brochure

1. 3-in-1 Golf brochure bundle

1. 3-in-1-Golf-Cup-Event-Brochure-Bundle

3. Special event brochure – Half fold

3. special event brochure half fold

4. Family Fun Day Trifold Brochures

4. Family-Fun-Day-Trifold-Brochures

5. Event brochure design example

5. event-brochure-design-examples

6. PSD Indie Vintage Flyer Festival

6. sounds festival flyer design

7. ArcLight Corporate Events Brochure

7. ArcLightCoporateEventBrochure

8. Corporate Event Planner & Caterer Brochure Template

8. catering-&-event-planning-bi-fold-brochure-template

9. Trifold business conference brochure template

9. Trifold-Business-Conference-Brochure-Template

10. Lovejoy music and event flyer

10. lovejoy music and event flyer

11. Charity event trifold template

11. Charity-Event-Trifold-Template

12. Premiere conference bifold brochure pack

12. Premier-Conference-Bifold-Brochure-Pack

13. Print-Ready Event Brochure Template

13. Print-Ready Event Brochure Template

14. Psd event flyer templates

14. psd-event-flyer-templates

15. Social conference bifold conference brochure pack

15. Social-Conference-Bifold-Conference-Brochure-Pack

16. Golf Event Trifold Brochures Template

16. Golf-Event-Trifold-Brochure-Template

17. Expectations conference bifold brochure

17. Expectations-Conference-Bifold-Brochure

18. A4 events brochure

18. A4-Events-Brochure

19. Extreme sports event trifold brochure

19. Extreme-Sports-Event-Trifold-Brochures

20. Wedding brochure cover

20. wedding brochure cover

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