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If you are anything like us, then you do enjoy some chilled beer. Just like some of you curious minds, we too have a thirst for beer related information. We took some time out and searched for the coolest info (or we can say infographics) on our beloved beer.

There is nothing like having a cool beer at the end of the week with your friends and family. So this weekend, before you head out to join your friends over drinks, take some time to drink in some knowledge about beer.

Set of Beer Infographic elements

Set of Beer Infographic elements with icons, different charts, rates etc.

brewery infographics

1. 20 things worth knowing about beer

1. 20-Things-Worth-Knowing-About-Beer

2. The price of beer around the world

2. The-Price-of-Beer-Around-The-World

3. The Very, Very Many Varieties of Beer

3. The-very-many-varieities-of-beer

4. Beer cocktails

4. Beer Cocktails

5. The Magnificent Multitude of Beer

5. The-Magnificent-Multitude-of-Beer

6. Beer and Food sharing cheat sheet

6. Beer-and-Food-Pairing-Cheat-Sheet

7. The Top 10 Most Expensive Beers in the World for 2014

7. The-Top-10-Most-Expensive-Beers-in-the-World-for-2014

8. The United States of Good Beer

8. The-United-States-of-GOOD-Beer

9. Beer tweets

9. Beer-Tweets

10. How to make beer

10. how-to-make-beer-page

11. The decline of big beer and the rise of craft brews

11. the-decline-of-big-beer-and-the-rise-of-craft-brews (1)

12. More People Drink Craft Beer vs. Big Beer

12. More People Drink Craft Beer vs. Big Beer

13. Beer is Always The Right Answer

13. Beer is Always The Right Answer

14. Beer Efficiency Score

14. Beer Efficiency Score

15. What Your Style of Beer Says About You

15. What Your Style of Beer Says About You

16. A Recipe for Brewing The Perfect Beer Label

16. A-recipe-for-perfect-beer-label

17. Craft beer and women

17. Craft-Beer-and-Women

18. History lesson – the story of beer

18. History lesson_the story of beer

19. Ownership of Beer Brands and Varieties 2010

19. OwnershipofBeerBrandsandVarieties2010

20. Prohibition did what?!

20. prohibition-did-what

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