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16 Nice jQuery Pie Chart Plugins

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Data visualization is one of the coolest job profile in the 21st century. But it was not always like that. Earlier, you had pie charts which could be created by any novice. However, coding charts was not an easy task.

Once again, thanks to jQuery plugins. Simple tweaks, and your chart feature will be online. We have lined up 16 jQuery pie charts which will help you launch your next pie chart projects. The list is diverse and it can suit your variety of pie chart needs.

1. Google chart tools

2. google chart tools


2. JS Charts

3. js charts


3. gRaphael

4. gRaphaël


4. jqPlot

1. 3D Pie Chart with JavaScript

5. Piegraph

5. piegraph

6. Creating A Flat Pie Chart with jQuery and CSS3 – piechart

6. Creating-A-Flat-Pie-Chart-with-jQuery-CSS3-piechart

7. chartJS

7. chartjs

8. Animated pie chart (HTML5 & jQuery)

8. animated-pie-chart-html5-jquery

9. CSS3 Pie Chart

9. CSS3-Pie-Chart

10. SVG Pie chart with tooltip and mouse effects

10. SVG-Pie-chart-with-tooltip-and-mouse-effects

11. Canvas pie chart with CSS bar chart fallback

11. Canvas-pie-chart-with-CSS-bar-chart-fallback

12. Canvas piechart

12. Canvas-PieChart

13. Adjustable pie chart

13. Adjustable-Pie-Chart

14. JS Pie chart V2

14. JS-Pie-Chart-V2

15. rGraph

15. rgraph

16. armCharts

16. armCharts

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