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15 WordPress Events Calendar Plugins

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Calendars are a must for websites featuring festivals, bands, performances and booking reservations. Thankfully, there are many plugins readily available for WordPress websites. Events calendar plugins are useful for showing your visitors monthly spreads of your calendar with details on events. Some plugins will also allow your visitors to book tickets, rooms and the like on your website as well as see how many spots are left available in real time. Overall, calendars enhance the user experience, and the plugins help the admin manage their schedule and for some, their guests or attendees. Check out the fifteen WordPress events calendar plugins we listed below to see which one you can use:

#1 – Event Calendar


#2 – WordPress Event Calendar

WP spider-event-calendar

#3 – Event Calendar WD


#4 – CP Multi View Event Calendar

CP Multi View Event Calendar

#5 – The Events Calendar


#6 – Chronosly Events Calendar


#7 – Sugar Events Calendar Lite

Sugar Events Calendar Lite

#8 – Simple Events Calendar


#9 – Events Calendar

Events Calendar

#10 – My Calendar

My Calendar

#11 – All-in-One Event Calendar


#12 – Event Organiser


#13 – Spider Flash Calendar Free

#14 – wordpress Event booking Manager


#15 – Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar

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