15 jQuery Timeline Plugins

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The timeline format is not new, but really, it got popular when Facebook decided to add it to their wall design. Timeline is one of the best way to show the progress of the company to your visitors. Timelines help visualize the growth and gives an overview of company’s history.

Even the giants like Amazon, Flipkart, and PayTM use timeline exhibit their exponential growth. It is a great way to show events in time – this can be anything from social media updates to historical events.

So in this article, we have rounded 15 best jQuery timeline plugins to create interactive timelines which not only are functionally superior but also aesthetically pleasing.

So, read on and choose the one which best suits your need.


1. TimelineJS


2. Content Timeline

content timelines

3. jQuery Timelinr



4. Social Timeline

social timelines

5. Touch Timeline

touch timelines

6. Vertical Timeline

vertical timeline

7. MelonHTML5


8. Lateral On-Scroll Sliding

lateral on-scroll timeline


9. Responsive RSS Timeline

rss responsive timeline

10. ChronolineJS


11. Fancy Timeline

fancy timeline

12. Time Glider


13. Facebook-Like Timeline with 3D Effect

facebook like timeline

14. Dasky Timeline Slider

dasky timeline slider

15. Vertical Timeline

vertical timeline jquery

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