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15 Free Restaurant Websites

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Restaurant is probably the business with least margins but regular business. You can always find new restaurants and coffee shops opening up in your locality. People love to eat, and at all times. That’s the secret of a restaurant business.

However, no business today can without a website. That applies on a restaurant as well. There is the feature of online food order. Your food catalog must be visible to your customer at all times. Especially during the time when they can’t afford to go out of their homes and are planning not to cook food. Your webite must be mobile compliant too.

So, to make things a little easier for those of you planning to launch a restaurant business, we have rounded up a list of 15 free restaurant website templates. Some of them are simple HTML based, some can run on mobile too, while some are developed in WordPress.

Since, all of them are free, you can choose one based on your restaurant requirement and how it appeals to your brand.

So, go ahead and make a move!

1. Restaurant Classic European Cuisine

restaurant classic european cuisine

2. Gourmet Cooking School

gourmet cooking school

3. Delicious – A Restaurant Mobile Website


4. Superior


5. Spicy Food – A food corners Mobile Website

spicy food

6. Cuisine


7. Coffee Shop Mobile Website

coffee shop

8. Multicuisine


9. H Foods

h foods

10. Metamorphosis Restaurant

metamorphosis restaurant

11. My Restaurant

my restaurant

12. Steak House

steak house

13. Auberge


14. Perfetta


15. Sunrise


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