15 Free PowerPoint Presentations

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If you are into business and sitting on a managerial position or looking for a promotion, there are good chances that you would have given presentation. And that too, on Microsoft PowerPoint.

To get ahead in your career or business, you need excellent presentation skills. But more than that, you need good eye-catching presentations. After all, it is through presentations that you communicate with your team, staff, business partners, and even customers.

But given your engagement in day-to-day business activities and (let’s agree!) your poor aesthetic sense, you can’t make presentations to hold the eyes.

To help you win with your PowerPoint skills, we have searched the web for killer PowerPoint templates that will make your job a lot easier. Here we present you 15 amazing PowerPoint templates to kickoff your presentation.

1. Ion


2. Seashells nature


3. Business direction

business direction

4. Business office city sketch

business city sketch

5. Business technology circuit board

business technology circuit

6. Schoolyard kids education


7. Academic course overview

academic course overview

8. Science project presentation

science project presentation

9. Medical design presentation

medical design presentation

10. Badge


11. Quotable


12. Droplet


13. Butterfly Garden


14. Notebook Coffee

notebook coffee

15. Red Wine

red wine

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