10 WordPress Plugins For Preventing Spam

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Spam is a major concern for every WordPress powered blog. Spam can prove to be very nasty and can make the blog owner restless. In fact, even if your blog doesn’t have the facility for user comments, you can still get a dozen of spam comments every day!

But to solve this issue, you don’t have to pay to protect yourself. These mindless robots that are trying to destroy your peace of mind can be tackled using anti-spam WordPress plugins.

These WordPress plugins will not only protect your blog from getting no-brainers comments but will also keep the robots away the blog.

Here are the best 10 WordPress plugins you can use to build protection against any kind of spam.

1. Akismet

1. Akismet

2. bcSpamBlock

2. bcspamblock

3. Si Captcha

3. Si-Captcha

4. WP-SpamFree Anti-Spam

4. WP-SpamFree-Anti-Spam

5. Cookies for Comments

5. Cookies-for-Comments

6. Anti Spam

6. Anti-spam

7. JSSpamBlock

7. JSSspamblock

8. Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam

8. Peters-Custom-Anti-Spam

9. reCAPTCHA Plugin

9. reCAPTCHA Plugin

10. Anti-spam by CleanTalk

10. Anti-spam-by-CleanTalk

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