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10 Useful WordPress Weather Plugins

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Weather holds an important role in our lives, as our dressing, transportation, work plan and even food now-a-days depends upon weather. So, if a weather plugin is inserted in our WordPress website, it makes convenient for us as well as our visitors.

The visitor of the website knows about the weather as soon they visit our website they also appreciate this effort of ours.  The main issue is to find the suitable plugin as there are many plugins offering for WordPress website, such as weather plugins, sitemap plugins, and cache plugins. We have meticulously selected the top ten popular WordPress weather plugins to display weather in websites. Hereby collecting 10 weather plugins for wordpress which displays forecast and weather conditions.

1. Raspberry Weather

raspberry weather

2. Awesome Weather

awesome weather

3. Animated Weather

animated weather

4. Metwit Weather Widget


5. WP Forecast

wp forecast

6. giWeather


7. Alfie WP Weather


8. POWr Weather

powr weather

9. Weather Master

weather master

10. Yahoo Weather Forecast


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