10 Useful jQuery Radial Menu Plugins

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Designers have always tried to make the menus or navigation bars innovative. Radial menus were the outcome of such an endeavor.

But as the design becomes advanced, the level of coding required also shoots up. You need new lines, new way of thinking. Creating radial menus is not an easy task. Thanks to jQuery plugins that you can code one easily, in a few minutes.

We have brought you 10 cool jQuery radial menus. They come in different designs. Hope you find the one that suits you the most.

1. Radial Pie Menu With Raphael JS

1. Radial Pie Menu With Raphael JS

2. DotNetBar Radial Menu Control

2. DotNetBarRadialMenu

3. Radial Menu

3. Radial menu

4. Radial Menu jquery

4. Radial-Menu-jquery

5. Path style animated radial menu bloomingmenu.js

5. path-style-animated-radial-menu-bloomingmenu-js

6. Animated radial/circular menu

6. animated-radial-circular-menu

7. Extremes jquery plugin

7. extremes-jquery-plugin

8. Extremes nav jquery circular menu

8. extremes-nav-jquery-circular-menu

9. Circular jquery menu

9. Circular-JQuery-Menu

10. Full-JS-Animated-Template-Fusion

10. Full-JS-Animated-Template-Fusion

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