10 Useful jQuery Plugins For Treeview

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Are you wondering to get hold of some of the most useful jQuery Treeview plugins? You don’t have to search anymore, because we have already done it on behalf of you. jQuery is one of the most popular technology that is developed more and more for simplifying the web use.

Treeview technology of jQuery is categorized under the lightweight and flexible plugin  that mainly transforms the list into an expanded as well as a tree. Some of the plugins have been powered with smooth navigation, which is absolutely unobtrusive.

A few of the Tree view plugins for jQuery support keyboard, checkboxes, table, lazy loading and drag’n’drop features. If you are looking for a plugin that allows dynamic creation of html using Java Script- you can also have it in Dynatree.

Besides, there are also customizable and cross-browser treeview jQuery plugins that have the inbuilt functionality to load the tree with complete AJAX support. So pick the one you are looking for from the list. Happy Reading!

a11yTree – Lightweight jQuery Tree Plugin—More info


Treed – Powerful Tree Editor—More info



jQuery TreeTable—More info



Bootstrap Tree View—More info



Bonsai – Lightweight jQuery Tree Plugin—More info


jqTree—More info



js Tree—More info



jQuery Treeview Plugin—More info



Nestable – Drag & Drop Hierarchical List jQuery Plugin—More info



dynatree—More info



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