10 Useful jQuery Plugins For News Ticker

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All companies have this press release or news section. It is not only important from the point of view of information, but experts say that it might also be helpful in leveraging your Google ranking. Agencies are even using twitter feeds to display updates.

Most of the news web design that we see these days include a scrolling section wherein the continuous sliding news is located. It’s like a news line in the lower third section of a TV news program that’s dedicated to showing headlines or minor pieces of news.

However, in this one field, news tickers have been the most popular item. It is a useful, tiny and handy feature as it can be used to display news, notification, tweets, recent/ popular posts or articles and many more things.

For that reason, we have rounded top 10 jQuery plugins which will help you to create cool news tickers in no time. All you got to do is choose the one which suits your need.

So, go on and let the news begin.

1. Totem


2. News Widget

news widget

3. Fancy News

fancy news

4. Latest News

latest news

5. Cream Soda

cream soda

6. JNews Bar


7. SmarTicker


8. Breaking News Ticker

breaking new

9. Ideabox


10. News Box

news box

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