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10 Popular PHP Forum Softwares

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A forum is an web app where the users can connect with each other as a community and share ideas, views, and discuss an issue in an open message thread. It is widely used. In fact, the comment and reply part in Facebook is a sort of forum. Almost all major websites in the world have it. For each niche, there’s a separate forum.

In this blog post, we help you create forums using php forum scripts. It is easier to keep the wheel rotating rather than spinning it again. That’s why we have created this list of 10 useful php forum scripts. Hope you will like it and use it to create amazing forums.

1. phpBB

1. phpbb

2. bbPress

2. bbpress

3. Mybb

3. mybb

4. Vanilla

4. vanilla

5. PunBB

5. punbb

6. UseBB

6. usebb

7. Phorum

7. phorum

8. SEO-Board

8. seo-board

9. FluxBB

9. fluxbb

10. Simple machine forum

10. simple-machine-forum

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