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10 jQuery Plugins For Sticky Menus

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We have already emphasized on the importance and pros of fixed navigation bars. It improves the speed and accessibility of the website. No matter where the user is on the website, she is always in control.

Actually, the psychology of sticky menus are preferred by users. It is because of  sticky menus instills a sense of confidence in the users. People have psychological need to be in control, and sticky menus gives them this sense of control.

We have already given you a list of 10 great sticky menu plugins for WordPress. This time we have rounded up 10 sticky menu plugins for jQuery. The list contains easy-to-use and reliable jQuery plugins.

So, go on, and select the one you would want to offer your client.

1. FlexiNav – Flexible and Responsive Navigation


2. Sticky Header

sticky header

3. Smint


4. Universal Mega Menu

universal mega menu

5. Auto-Hide Sticky Header

auto-hide sticky header

6. Z menu marker

z menu marker

7. TT Menu

tt menu

8. Headhesive.js


9. Sticky Mega Menu v3

sticky mega menu v3

10. stickUp


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