10 Useful jQuery Plugins For Portfolio

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Web designing surely wouldn’t have been so easier and faster without jQuery. Not only it has made web designing easier, it has helped enhance the development time with the help of jQuery plugins, making web designing more accessible.

Displaying your portfolio is an artistic and flamboyant manner is of prime importance. It helps you make mark on your potential visitors or even the clients in general

So, this time, we have come up with 10 cool jQuery plugins. These plugins are specifically for the display of portfolio — whether of an individual work or a professional company.

So, go on and enjoy some cool jQuery plugins that will not only make your design time faster but will also help you win clients.

1. jQuery Slick portfolio

jquery portfolio

2. Tilt-Shift


3. Gridster


4. Google Grid Gallery


5. Salvattore


6. Flex


7. MatchHeight.js


8. Shuffle


9. Rowgrid.js


10. 3D Grid Effect

3D grid effect

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