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10 jQuery Plugins For Image slider with thumbnails

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The way jQuery plugins are becoming popular, I doubt there will be a very small percentage of websites without it. And I believe that sooner or later there won’t be any website without jQuery plugins.

jQuery plugins are becoming more and more useful with their superb features. jQuery owes its popularity to the open-source community. Particularly because most of the plugins are available for free along with the tutorials.

As you all know, presentations of images to tell a story or give an overview is becoming increasingly important. Especially for the startups who want to make a mark with their websites. However, using jQuery these presentations can be made very easily.

In the same spirit, we are sharing here the 10 cool jQuery plugins for image sliders with thumbnails. These best jQuery image slider plugins will give you many options for choosing the effects for sliding the image. The best part is that all the mentioned plugins are available free of cost. So, you can try each of them and choose the one that suits your need.

Here is the list. Enjoy!

1. Fotorama


2. Slidorion


3. Master Slider

master slider

4. Slider Shock

slider shock

5. Polaroid Gallery


6. Thumbelina Content Slider


7. Responsive Image Gallery


8. Tikslus Carousel version 2.0

 Tikslus Carousel version 2.0

9. PgwSlider

 pgw pageslider

10. Jssor Responsive Slider


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