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10 jQuery Plugins For Calendar

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Anything related to date/time on a website or a web application is usually implemented with a backend language. Many langauges including Python and Java are used for the implementation. However, jQuery has the capability of tying into a backend language through AJAX.

Calendar are integral part of many websites now-a-days. Almost every company engaging in content marketing has to maintain an editorial calendar. Service providers keep the clients updated through web calendars as well.

So, it becomes important to have calendars that are not only descriptive and clear but also make the website look beautiful and elegant. But why create one when you can achieve it with a simple plugin.

This blog post introduces you 10 jQuery plugins for calendar. The following plugins are easy to use and take minimal efforts to add beautiful calendars to your web applications.

1. CLNDR.js


2. jQuery Verbose Calendar

verbose calendar

3. FullCalendar


4. Zabuto Calendar

zabuto calendar

5. Simple Event Calendar

simple event calendar

6. pickdate.js


7. jCal


8. jQM DateBox

jQM datebox

9. Flat Date Time Picker

flat date time picker

10. Ion Calendar

ion calendar

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