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10 Free Tri-fold Brochure Templates (PSD)

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Designing has also been the one feature which can make or break your business. Whether it is your website, you own home, your business, your brand, or even your logo, design can be very decisive.

The designing is as difficult as it is creative. Especially when you are creating some of the track thing. One of them is creating a brochure. To be specific, a tr-fold brochure. It take some advanced skills to design an elegant tri-fold brochure because you have to know how the design will look like once it is printed. You need to know where it will be folded so that you can design accordingly.

So, we are sharing today some cool tri-fold brochure design templates. The best part is that these designs are available free of cost. Most of the times these type of advertising is cost effective, since you are going to hand over them manually you can choose the right type of audience.

The following free brochure templates will make your design process easier.

1. Corporate Tri-Fold Brochure


2. Il Viaggio Arizona Brochures

Il Viaggio Arizona Brochures

3. Trendy Flat Style Free Brochure

 Trendy Flat Style Free Broucher

4. Real Estate Brochure Free

Real Estate Brochure Free

5. Typography Free Tri Brochure

Typography Free Tri Brochure

6. Brochure Design with Abstract Waves

 Brochure design with abstract waves

7. Brochure with Colorful Rectangles

Brochure with colorful rectangles

8. Marine Brochure Design

Marine Brochure Design

9. Brochure with Airplanes

 Brochure with airplane

10. Z Fold Brochure PSD Mockup

 Z Fold Brochure PSD Mockup

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