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10 Free T-shirt Mockup PSDs

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People love to printed t-shirts, especially the one with taglines, graphics, their favorite quotes, their favorite teams, and even their favorite personality. If you have ever explored t-shirt selling websites, you would have seen how they are offering the designers a way to earn. Designers can sell their designs for printed t-shirts. Treadless is an amazing example of this concept.

More and more startups are coming in the picture which follow this business model. While it offers cool t-shirts for the customers, it helps the designers earn decent money. And that too, by sitting at home. All you need is a PC and idea that will speak for itself on t-shirt.

In this blog post, we are sharing some amazing t-shirt mock-ups. The idea is to inspire you to make your own. And if you are suffering from that designer’s block, you can start with any of these designs.

1. Flat T-shirt Mock-up

graphic twister

2. Graphic Burger T-shirt

graphic burger

3. Threadless Blank Mock-ups

threadless blank mock-ups

4. Wegraphics T-shirt Mock-up


5. Tiny Designr Superman


6. Liverpool T-shirt


7. T-shirt Hanging

t-shirt hanging

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

teenage mutant ninja

9. Tech & All T-shirt Mock-up

Tech & All T-shirt Mockup

10. Burnout


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