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10 Free Shopping Icons

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Ecommerce! That’s the buzz word. You have shopping site for everything–books, furniture, apparels, all kind of shoes, kitchen accessories, automotive parts, second hand cars, bedsheets, sports gear, lingerie, and even condoms! If it is in the world, there is high probability that it is on an ecommerce website as well.

That’s why ecommerce based designs are in trend as well. And so are ecommerce icons. Finding high quality e-commerce graphics which are also free wasn’t an easy task, but we did it for you!


We have come up with some cool and FREE shopping and ecommerce icon sets which you will surely enjoy to incorporate in your next design.

So, scroll down and choose the one that suits your need.

1. Shopping Vector Icon Set

shopping vector

2. E-Commerce Icon Set


3. Free Shopping Cart Icons

shopping cart

4. Flat E-commerce Icons Set

flat ecommerce

5. Payment Icon Set

payment icon

6. Shopping Cart and Basket

shopping cart and basket

7. Outline E-commerce Icons

outline ecommerce

8. Minimalistica Icon Set


9. Shopping Cart Icons and Basket Vector

shopping cart and b

10. Vector Ecommerce Icons

vector ecommerce

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